Sunday, July 6, 2008

Keeping Family and Friends up to date!

I decided a blog would be a great way for family and friends to stay updated on everything that is going on in our lives. I will try to write often!

For those of you that we haven't talked to in awhile I will recap the last couple months! Jake and I moved into our new home in Shepherdsville, KY a little over a month ago. We love our new home, but it did not come without some challenges along the way. What we didn't realize about buying a brand new home is how much work would still need to be done after moving in. The thing about new construction homes is they don't come with a sealed driveway, blinds, toilet paper holders, shower rods, towel racks etc. Couldn't they just put those things in for you? After putting up our first set of blinds we realized we were in over our heads. It was going to take us forever, especially without a drill. We got quite a bit done, but the real blessing came in June when My Dad and TC came to the rescue. They helped us on so many home projects, and we are very grateful for all they have done. In the week that my dad and TC were here we stained the deck, sealed the driveway, put in toilet paper holders (gotta have those. no one wants to look all over the bathroom for the toilet paper.), towel racks, added flower beds, created storage space in the Attic, and my dad even planted a garden. The house is coming along and the major projects are done for now.

Living room

Guest Room Game Room/Garage Finished Deck Garden (Thanks DAD!)
I am out of school for the summer, and Jake has been flying a lot. Jake has had a few long layovers so we have made short vacations out of them. The first trip was to Maine, where we spent the day in Acadia National Park. Jake's second layover took us to Washington DC. We spent two days walking the city and seeing all of the monuments. The best experience about both of these trips were flying on Jake's plane. It was my first time flying on a jet that he was actually flying. It was a great experience and I know Jake had a fun time with it. He and his captain told everyone over the loud speaker my name, where I was sitting, and said that I was a dancer and was selected to be on the next season of dancing with the stars. Everyone started clapping. The thing about being a pilot is everyone on the plane believes everything you say. It was VERY funny although a little embarrassing.

Next week we are looking forward to Jake's parents coming to visit. We planned a three day trip to Gatlinburg, TN, where we are renting a small cabin at the foot of the Smokey Mountains. I will update everyone with pictures when we return. We are excited to show them around Louisville and show them our home. It is great to see family and I know a week won't feel long enough. Hopefully Jake and I will be able to make it home together sometime in the next few months.


garytc2 said...

Wow! Your Blog page is a great idea! I'll check back often. Love your new home! Love you both! Dad

The Librarian said...

Hello Rikki and Jake, I sent a post a long time ago, I guess it didn't make it. Considering you only have one post from July, I thought I'd add my two cents. Great blog! I love the pictures. My favorite is of Adisyn with the purse. Derby is cute,too. Talk to you soon! Mom

Michael and Kristine said...

your house is so cute! i'm glad I checked out your blog :)