Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer has come and gone!

Well, summer flew by and I am back at work teaching fourth grade. It is always so hard to go back to work after two months off. There are a lot of fun things that have occurred in the past month and that are coming up!

Last month I traveled to Hawaii to visit my sister and be there the birth of her second child. I wasn't sure if I would make it since I was flying standby and ticket prices were WAY to expensive to buy, but I made all three flights to Honolulu and all three flights home. It was such a blessing!

While in Hawaii I was able to spend time with my Mom, Steve, Joe, Adisyn, and Jamie for two weeks. When I arrived we were all thinking baby Alyssa would make her way into the world within a couple days of me being there. This was not the case. It took two very long weeks. It seemed longer because I was so excited, but Jamie finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and I am so proud to once again be an Auntie.

When I arrived back to Louisville Jake and I left the next day for West Virginia to pick up his brother Basil from the Airport. Our 4 day adventure would take us white water rafting on the New River and backpacking in the Red River Gorge. We always have a great time when Basil comes to visit and we definitely wear ourselves out each and every time.

I started school as soon as we got back from that trip, but I still have much to look forward to. On September 10th my sister and her husband Joe are moving to Louisville, Kentucky..... What are the chances? Joe will be a Army recruiter for the next three years in Clarksville, IN. As many of you know my sister and I are VERY close. We talk so much on the phone that I am sure our husbands will be thrilled that we won't have to use so many minutes on our cell phones calling each other ALL the time:). They will be staying with us until they find a house to buy, hopefully in Shepherdsville, but they will be looking all over the Louisville area. I cannot wait to spend time with both Jamie and Joe and of course Adisyn and Alyssa. This will also be the very first time Jake and Joe will have met. Joe was deployed for our wedding and any other chance they would have had to meet. They are alike in a lot of ways so I am sure they will become great friends.

Due to the fact that Jamie and I are in the same location we will no longer have to fight over who is coming to see us on Holidays. In October my Dad will be coming to visit to help Jamie and Joe with moving and help out with whatever they need. I cannot imagine trying to move from Hawaii to Louisville with two young children. I know that they are grateful he is willing to help out.

In December my mom and Steve will be making their first visit to Kentucky and I am excited to show them around. I am hoping that my family will love Kentucky so much that they will also want to move here:). (yes, I know, fat chance )

Here are a few pictures from Hawaii and the trip we took with Basil..Adisyn with her new purse from Cricket. She loved it!

Adisyn and I in the hospital waiting to meet baby Alyssa.

Baby Alyssa

Joe and his girls
Basil and Jake (Red River Gorge)
View from the trail

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