Thursday, February 19, 2009

Catching up....

Well, I guess I have a lot of catching up to do.. I will do a quick recap of the last couple months…..
Over Christmas my mom came to visit all of us here is Kentucky. While she was here she stayed with Jake and I, but we always ended up spending all of our time over at Jamie’s house. We had a wonderful Christmas, and All of us enjoyed watching Adi open her mountain of gifts. It was out of control. It was really great that Jake had both Christmas and New Years day off. We got to spend a lot of time together over the holiday’ s.

Over my Winter break my sister and I started mentioning to our husbands how nice it would be to have a horse again. My sister and I grew up with horses and wanted nothing more than to get back into our passion. We looked into some of our options for leasing and buying, but for Jake and I buying a horse is not a realistic purchase as of right now. Jamie continued to look for horses and found a wonderful 5 year old quarter horse down in Tennessee. Jamie and Joe decided to purchase the horse, and she got him right before Christmas. My sister is amazing and has shared her horse with me. I have taken on half of the financial responsibility and we go down and work with Harley (is his name) together. We have so much and a lot o good laughs trying to remember everything we learned about horses growing up. Let me just say we are a little rusty, but it is coming back. Jake has been down to see Harley a few times, but I think he prefers airplanes to horses.

Work for me has been going well, and I just cannot believe how fast this school year is flying by. I think part of the reason it feels to be going fast is because we have missed so many days of school due to weather. So far my school district has to make of 10 days of school, which puts quite a damper on my summer vacation. I love having snow days, but I always hate them at the end of the year. It is a love/hate relationship.

-Ice Storm-
One of the major weather events that occurred this past month prevented my from going to work for a full week. The weather was calling for snow, but it ended up being pretty much all freezing rain. It rained ALL DAY LONG…. I have never seen ice so think in all my life. I woke up the second morning of the winter storm to no power. Jake was on a trip, and when I tried giving him a call I realized I had no cell phone service. All the cell phone towers froze up, and people could not make calls. It is a really weird feeling having no way to know what is going on or being able to talk to people. I thought about getting in my car and driving over to Jamie’s house, but after looking out the window I made the ultimate decision that I would rather be stuck in my house than stuck in a ditch in my car. I decided the best option would be to go back to bed and try to sleep some of the day away and hope that when I woke back up the power would turn back on. Around noon, my sister showed up at the door, and told me that her and Jake were worried about me because they couldn’t get a hold of me. Jamie then realized that at my house she too did not get cell phone service. Jamie said she could not believe that she made it to my house without getting stuck… Well, when we went to drive back to her place we were stuck. She made it to my house but we couldn’t get out of my the driveway. After spending 45 minutes trying to dig the car out, we gave up and walked back to her place.

We continued to get freezing rain and so many people lost water, power, and phone service. that school was called off for the week. It took a full week to get the roads cleared and power back on for schools to be in session. There are still people without power.

After that winter event I have decided I am ready for SPRING!!! There are always so many thing to look forward to in the Spring here in Kentucky. The Kentucky Derby and all of its festivities start in the Spring. One of the events is the Kentucky Derby Marathon and mini marathon. Last year I ran the mini, but this year Jake and I have decided to train for the full marathon. Jake has become quite the runner, and continues to kick my butt on a regular basis. I have joined a running team to motivate me to train, and it has been a blast getting to know new people.

Jake has been flying on reserve this month, but has still gotten in a lot of hours. We were both hoping he would get called this month, but he always does. J Jake has also joined a basketball league at church. He has really tried to make his work schedule around the games, but he hasn’t always been lucky. He missed the first couple of games but has been able to all the games this month. It was actually quite comical, because Jake found out that before he was able to make it to the games they had lost each and everyone of their games. As I watched their team the first thing that came to mind was the movie, Mighty Ducks. Jake’s team got slaughtered, but thankfully Jake had a great sense of humor about the whole thing. The next week Jake’s team looked like the Mighty Ducks did towards the end of the movie. They played so much better, and played an amazing game. Jake and I renamed his team the mighty Ducks.

Jake has really enjoyed playing basket ball again, and I am sure I will not hear the end of it when the season is over, but hopefully he can find another league so he can continue to play.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone from home soon… Maybe Spring break??

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