Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Running a Marathon

Well, I did it! I completed my first marathon on April 25Th. It was a very painful experience and if you would have asked me at the finish line if I would do it again I would have said no. If you would have asked me a few hours after the race or now I would tell you I would do it all over again. Big blister and all! The Kentucky Derby Marathon/mini marathon is a really fun race, especially if you are doing the mini. It was a tough race because there are plenty of hills and it was a REALLY hot day! I trained all winter in 30 degree weather and then all the sudden my body had to adjust to the heat. Everyone running the race had to adjust to the heat. We were all complaining :). I was a lot of fun training with new friends, and having a great group of people to run with. The only thing that would have made it better was if Jake was able to run too. He was planning on running, but he could not get the time off. April is a really hard time to try to get time off because nobody wants to work. They all want to go to the Derby events. Maybe next year....

Two weeks ago my sister and I took Harley (our horse) into his first horse show. He did well and we were impressed with how calm he was. Growing up we always had CRAZY horses that freaked out every time we took them to a show, but not Harley. He placed in all of his classes (although some of the classes were small) and won reserve Champion in Western. It was a great practice show, and it gave us a heads up on what we still need to work on. His next show will be in a couple of months.

Jake and I are very ready for vacation and we cannot wait to drive to WA this June. We miss family and friends very much. It will also be nice for our schedules not to clash. When I am at work he is home and when I am at home he is at work. It has been crazy these last couple of months. I guess we can't complain because Jake working a lot probably means that there won't be many more layoffs with his company.

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